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CHARLES BIESEL was born in New York City on October 20, 1865, and studied art there. He has painted in all the states of the United States except those on the West Coast, is a member of the Arts Club of Chicago, the Chicago Society of Artists, the Chicago No-Jury Society of Artists and 10 Artists (Chicago) and has had one-artist exhibitions in local galleries and in various eastern and midwestern cities. His work has been written about in many newspapers. His water color landscapes and marines are included in a number of private collections in New York, New England and Pennsylvania.


In my work subject matter is very important. Of course form must naturally play its part in order that I may make the most of my subjects. Color also has a very prominent part in my work. I use color extensively to bring out the characteristics of my subject and to express what I feel. I feel that my work is decidedly American; my subject matter having always been American along with my attitude toward painting. Regarding the question of personal expression, I may say that all painters whose aim it is to express themselves must naturally feel that personal expression is to be found in their work. Coming to the matter of contribution to society, I would say that all art which is an honest expression of the artist is that. All such art is likewise an expression of the age in which we live. Unconsciously we are influenced by the work of many artists. In my own painting I feel that I have been influenced greatly by Monet, Homer and Sloan. Being of a rather stubborn nature and slow to take advice, I feel that criticism has had very little effect on my work. And I have never consciously produced work to meet the demands of the galleries. As to whether my work has anything peculiar to Chicago in it, I would say that I think it hasn't. Most of my painting has been done on the sea along the New England coast where I have spent the greater part of my life. Charles Biesel.


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